Updated: June 1, 2021


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Miscellaneous Ongoing/Upcoming Projects

10-Year Project Plan Development - 2021-2031
The Board of Directors approved the 10-Year Project Plan for FY 2021-FY 2031 on April 21, 2021.

American Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA)
SMCMUD is working with the District Engineer to ensure compliance with the AWIA requirements. As approved by the Board in December 2020, the District in the process of updating it's Emergency Response Plan and conducting a Risk and Resilience Assessment.  The required certification was submitted in June 2021.  District staff is now working on updating the Emergency Response Plan for completion by December 2021.  More information on AWIA can be explored at https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/americas-water-infrastructure-act-2018-awia.

Utility Improvement Projects

Phase 1 Oak Ridge Section 3 Water, Sanitary, and Reclaimed Water (Utility) Improvements

This project has been divided into two phases.  Phase 1 consists of the design of approximately 5,450 LF of waterline, 4,300 LF of sanitary lines, and 5, 110 LF of reclaimed water lines within Oak Ridge Section 3 Subdivision.  This project is currently in the design phase.  It is anticipated that the project will be bid and awarded in Fall 2021.  Construction is anticipated to be completed in late 2022.

Notice of Construction - Dated:  06/21/2021

Reclaimed Water Line Phase 4 - Oak Hill Village and Oak Hill Village East-

Construction is complete.  If you would like to connect to the reclaimed irrigation system, please contact the office at 281-367-5383, x115.

Southern Montgomery County MUD Elevated Water Tank No. 2

Construction Photo - 04/2021

Construction Photo - 01/2021

Construction Photo - 12/2020

The tank has been filled and is online.  For information on this project, please contact our General Manager at 281-367-5383, x121.

Developments Approved for Construction

Spanish Oaks Medical Center - Located off of North Interstate 45.  Commitment approved by Board in November 2020.

Mark-Dana Office - Located at 26302 Oak Ridge Drive.  Commitment approved by Board in December 2020.  This facility will consist of an office space and 12 apartment units.

7-Eleven - Located at 710 Sawdust Road.  Construction is in progress.

Oak Ridge Memory Care - Located at 26311 Oak Ridge Drive. Construction is in progress.

Hotel Indigo at Cathedral Lakes - 104 room hotel with restaurant overlooking the new amenity pond. Construction is in progress.  Estimated completion 2021.

Budde Road South Office - Approximately 24,000 SF of modular office space located at the northeast corner of Budde Road and Rye Street. A new modern container converted eco friendly office system. Construction is in progress.  Estimated completion 1st quarter 2021.

Banquet Hall - Located at 25807 Interstate 45 (formerly Taipei Restaurant). Renovation of structure and interior to convert into a banquet facility. Construction is in progress. Estimated completion 4th quarter 2021.

Medical Office I-45 - Located at 26118 Interstate 45. Project will include 6,000 square feet of medical offices. Construction is in progress.

Alta Cathedral Lakes - Located on the newly constructed Basilica Bay Drive next to Hotel Indigo, this 300 unit upscale apartment complex will be built adjacent to the new amenity pond. Construction started in January 2020. The first units were available in the 4th quarter 2020.  Construction is in progress.  Partial occupancy has occurred.

Corner Store No. 12 - A new convenience store and gas station located at Hanna Road and East Oak Hill Drive just south of the Robinson Road intersection.  Construction is in progress.