Residential Homes, New and Remodels

All new residential homes and remodel/additions are required to complete an application for service, submit floor plans and lot boundary survey to the District prior to starting construction. Existing homes having new structural additions such as additional rooms, new garage, patio covers, driveway additions, etc. will be required to submit a plan for review by the Utility Systems Manager prior to starting construction. New homes will be required to pay the residential tap fee to receive a permit. Remodels will be assessed fees as required by the rate order.

Commercial Buildings, offices, restaurants, etc.

All new commercial building projects are required to complete an application for service, submit plans, pay plan review fee and damage deposit to the District prior to starting construction. Guidelines for plan approval and permitting are available at the District office. Existing homes converted to offices will be required to submit a plan only if an addition to the existing structure is made. Structures to be demolished shall pay a demolition inspection fee of $150 prior to removal of the structure. All restaurants shall install a grease trap to meet City of Houston requirements. Grease traps will be inspected by the District regularly for compliance. Please contact the General Manager to schedule an appointment to review commercial plan review procedures prior to starting your project.

Storm Water Protection

On January 21, 2009, the Board adopted the Order Adopting Policies for Storm Water Protection and Establishing Penalty for Violation (the “Storm Water Order”). The State of Texas requires the District to detect and eliminate illicit discharges that enter into the waters of the State of Texas through the District’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The MS4 includes a system of storm water conveyances such as roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches (man-made or natural) owned and operated by SMCMUD and used for collecting or conveying storm water. Illicit discharges include debris, trash or other pollutants that are harmful to the waters other than storm water runoff. No person may introduce or cause to be introduced illicit discharges into the MS4. Please notify this office immediately if you see anyone violating the District’s storm water order.

Commercial Development/Site Modifications

Commercial Development Application for Plan Review
Engineer’s Check List
Site Modification Application
Site Modification Informational Flyer
Plumbing Code Exhibits

Service Applications/ACH Form

Residential Applications for Service
Commercial Application for Service
Temporary Meter Application
Automatic ACH Debit Payment Form

Orders and plans

Rate Order Adopted 02/16/2022
Order Adopting Policies for Storm Water Protection
Drought Contingency Plan
Water Conservation Plan

Required Postings

Previous Fiscal Year Monthly Energy Bills
Conflict of Interest 2022
Bruce Harrison Conflict Disclosure 2021
Conflict Of Interest Questionnaires
2021 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
FYE 2021 - Annual Audit_Systems
FYE 2021 - Annual Audit_WWTP

Tax Information

Section 26.18 Tax Code Information

**Special Meeting agendas for tax hearings can be found at  The next tax hearing will be scheduled in September 2022.

Tax Assessor-Collector
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