Limited water supplies or surface water conversion are driving the cost of delivering drinking water to customers higher and higher. Southern Montgomery County MUD (SMCMUD) is required to convert to surface water like most other Houston area utility districts.

The reuse of treated wastewater provides the opportunity to reduce the need for drinking water and reduce overall costs. Reclaimed water is not new, but it is not always easy to find customers located in the vicinity of the treatment plant to take significant quantities. Large users such as golf courses, parks, and certain industrial customers have historically been the best candidates.

The rising costs of drinking water convinced SMCMUD Board of Directors to distribute (purple pipe) and sell reclaimed water to residential homes and smaller commercial businesses—one of the first in Texas.  The following phases are now complete and operational:

Phase 1A - Commercial areas on Spring Hill Drive, Pitkin Road, Woodline Drive and Oakhurst Drive south of Rayford Road.

Phase 1B - Residential areas along Spring Ridge Drive, Timber Lane Drive, Spring Woods Drive and Oakhurst Drive between Rayford Road and Gamewood Drive.

Phase 2A - Residential areas including Oakwood Drive, Frostwood Drive, Heatherwood Drive, Sagewood Drive and Maplewood Drive between Oakwood and Heatherwood.

Phase 2B - Commercial areas west of I-45 on Oak Ridge Drive between Nursery Road and Rye Street, Rye Street, and most residential lots within the Vicksburg Subdivision.

Phase 3A - Residential lots along Maplewood Drive from Sagewood Drive north to the ditch.

Phase 3B - Residential lots within the Spring Oaks Subdivision.

Phase 3C - Residential lots within the Village of Oak Ridge Grove Subdivision.

Phase 4 - Residential lots within Oak Hill Village and Oak Hill Village East.

If you live on these streets or neighborhood, please contact Stefanie Miller at 281-367-5383, extension 115 or by email at to connect your irrigation system or have a hose bib connection installed.

We encourage every resident to conserve water by connecting to this system. The District hopes to have reclaimed water irrigation available to everyone as soon as possible. If you don’t have this system available to you yet, please adjust your sprinkler systems to water only when required. The Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District publishes watering requirements each week. Please check out their website at