Board of Directors / Staff

Board of Directors / As of May 2022


      BRUCE HARRISON                             TERRY DAVIS                                   JOE ATKINSON                     PRESIDENT                                   VICE PRESIDENT                                SECRETARY


                         CONNIE KAYLOR                                        GREG BELANGER                                                         ASSISTANT SECRETARY                                         DIRECTOR                                                              INVESTMENT OFFICER


  • Bruce Harrison - Expires May, 2026
  • Terry Davis - Expires May, 2026
  • Joe Atkinson - Expires May, 2026
  • Connie Kaylor - Expires May, 2024
  • Greg Belanger - Expires May, 2024


25212 Interstate 45 Spring, Texas 77386 Phone 281-367-5383 Fax 281-298-1657

Director Election Information

Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballot

The next election for Directors of the District is scheduled for May 7, 2022 at a location to be determined. Director candidacy filing requirements and deadlines are as follows:

o To be qualified to serve as a director, a person shall be at least 18 years old, a resident citizen of the State of Texas, and either own land subject to taxation in the district or be a qualified voter within the district.

o To run for election to the District’s Board of Directors, a person must file an application for a place on the ballot. The application must be filed with the Secretary of the District’s Board of Directors or his/her designated agent by mail, fax, email or in person. An application may be downloaded/printed from the website of the Texas Secretary of State at  First day to file for place on May 7, 2022 general election ballot is Wednesday, 1/19/2022.

o Last day to file for place on May 7, 2022 general election ballot is by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, 2/18/2022.

o A person may run for election to the District’s Board of Directors as a write-in candidate and to do so must file a declaration of write-in candidacy. The declaration must be filed with the Secretary of the District’s Board of Directors or his/her designated agent by mail, fax, email or in person. A declaration form may be downloaded/printed from the website of the Texas Secretary of State at: Deadline to file write in candidacy declaration for May 7, 2022 general election is by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 2/22/2022.

Meeting Information

Southern Montgomery County Municipal Utility District holds their regular monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm. Public notice of the meeting will be placed inside the kiosk outside the District office at 25212 I-45 North and on this website, as required by law. Occasionally this date may change because of holidays or scheduling conflicts. Special meetings are held as needed and public notice is given in the same way as regular meetings. A minimum of three (3) Directors must be present to constitute a quorum and hold a meeting. The public is welcome to attend any meeting. Should you wish to request an appearance before the Board, please contact the General Manager at 281-367-5383, Ext. 121 to discuss placing an item on the agenda or to confirm the meeting date and time. Residents of the District have the right to request the designation of a meeting location within the District under Section 49.062(g), Water Code.  A description of this process can be found at










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KIMBERLY WRIGHT / General Manager
281-367-5383, Ext. 121 /

The General Manager is responsible for supervising all District operations and personnel.  Please contact Kim for questions regarding:

  • Board Related Items
  • Capital Projects Budgeting & Financing
  • Annexations
  • Commercial, Residential [Re]Developments or Site Modifications in Review and/or Approved
  • Personnel and Office Administration
281-367-5383, Ext. 110 /
Donna has oversight on compliance, safety, customer service, and accounting tasks and personnel.  She is also the initial contact on new developments, re-developments, and site modifications.  Please contact Donna Smith for questions regarding:
  • Initial Inquiries on Developments, Redevelopments, and Site Modifications
  • Accounts Payable/Receivables
  • Vendor Communications
  • Tax Exemption Certificates
STEFANIE MILLER / Compliance and Safety Coordinator
281-367-5383, Ext. 115 /
Stefanie is responsible for all compliance and safety related tasks.  She coordinates directly with O&M staff on system repairs and installations.  Please contact Stefanie Miller for questions regarding:
  • Water Leaks
  • Sewer Blockages
  • Work Orders
  • TCEQ Reporting and Permitting
  • Storm Water Quality - SWPP
  • Water Quality
  • Safety
  • Backflow Compliance
Bonita Cheatham / Customer Service Specialist
281-367-5383, Ext. 117 /
Bonita prepares and administers utility billing and collections, service orders, and work orders. Please contact Bonita Cheatham for questions regarding:
  • Customer Service
  • Reclaimed Water Installations
  • Billing Inquiries
  • New/Discontinued Service
Tim Gordy / Operator and Maintenance Manager
281-367-5383, Ext. 111 /
Tim oversees all plant and facility operations.
Jorge Avila / Operator and Maintenance Supervisor
281-367-5383, Ext. 111 /
Jorge oversees all plant operations, water, and sewer connections.
Carlos Estrada /                    Maintenance Technician
Joel Santillan /                     Maintenance Technician