Board of Directors / Staff

Board of Directors / As of May 2019


      BRUCE HARRISON                             TERRY DAVIS                                   JOE ATKINSON                     PRESIDENT                                 VICE PRESIDENT                                   SECRETARY


                         CONNIE KAYLOR                                        GREG BELANGER                                                         ASSISTANT SECRETARY                                         DIRECTOR                                                              INVESTMENT OFFICER

KIMBERLY WRIGHT / General Manager
281-367-5383, Ext. 121 /

The General Manager is responsible for supervising all District operations and personnel.  Please contact Kim for questions regarding:

  • Board Related Items
  • Capital Projects Budgeting & Financing
  • Annexations
  • Commercial, Residential [Re]Developments or Site Modifications in Review and/or Approved
  • Personnel and Office Administration
281-367-5383, Ext. 110 /

Donna has oversight on compliance, safety, customer service, and accounting tasks and personnel.  She is also the initial contact on new developments, re-developments, and site modifications.  Please contact Donna Smith for questions regarding:

  • Initial Inquiries on Developments, Redevelopments, and Site Modifications
  • Accounts Payable/Receivables
  • Vendor Communications
  • Tax Exemption Certificates
STEFANIE MILLER / Compliance and Safety Coordinator
281-367-5383, Ext. 115 /

Stefanie is responsible for all compliance and safety related tasks.  She coordinates directly with O&M staff on system repairs and installations.  Please contact Stefanie Miller for questions regarding:

  • Reclaimed Water Installations
  • Water Leaks
  • Sewer Blockages
  • Work Orders
  • TCEQ Reporting and Permitting
  • Storm Water Quality - SWPP
  • Water Quality
  • Safety
Bonita Cheatham / Customer Service Specialist
281-367-5383, Ext. 117 /

Bonita prepares and administers utility billing and collections, service orders, and work orders. Please contact Bonita Cheatham for questions regarding:

  • Customer Service
  • Backflow Compliance
  • Billing Inquiries
  • New/Discontinued Service


Tim Gordy / Operator and Maintenance Manager
281-367-5383, Ext. 111 /

Tim oversees all plant and facility operations.


Jorge Avila / Operator and Maintenance Supervisor
281-367-5383, Ext. 111 /

Jorge oversees all plant operations, water, and sewer connections.


Carlos Estrada /                    Maintenance Technician



Joel Santillan /                     Maintenance Technician